Macworld: Army gives Jeff a reason to enlist

Army tests iPhone, Android deployment to every soldier

U.S. soldiers may be issued an iPhone alongside their MREs as part of their standard pack in the near future. A program spearheaded by the Army Capabilities Integration Center aims to improve fighting capability, as well as general efficiency, by making smartphones standard issue among both deployed troops and soldiers garrisoned on home bases.

Editorializing: this program impresses me in a number of ways. First, I’m glad to hear that they’re using off-the-shelf tech instead of spending $100 million on private contractors to replicate the wheel. Second, I can only imagine how useful things like virtual overlays and geolocation would be in a combat environment, considering how useful they are to civilians. And third, this strikes me as a genuine way of signaling younger folks that the Army might be their kind of gig.

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