Macworld: Will 2011 signal a Mac virus onslaught? Not so fast

I’m very chuffed that this article has already been retweeted over 100 times in the last few hours. It’d be nice if it made some headway against the Common Wisdom that I see quoted so often.

Is it really true that it’s only a matter of time before Macintosh users are under siege by a flood of viruses and malware? McAfee announced recently that 2011 would be a bad year for people using Apple computers, as hackers will be increasingly attracted by growing Mac market share. It’s not at all hard to find experts who agree.

The thing is, they also agreed back on July 18, 2010, June 17, 2010, April 9, 2008, and October 20, 2006, among many other dates in the past which I didn’t bother excavating from Google. Remember that horrible Christmas of 2006, when all of your Macs broke simultaneously?

Me neither.

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