Scenes from CES 2019

Spirit Airlines, you’ve got to be shitting me with this tray table.

I’ve seen better product names. (Booth was a Korean company, so don’t blame them too much.)

Spotted at the Mirage. I have friends who would drop far too much money here. Those signed Bohemian Rhapsody and Creed posters can be yours for only $1,595 each.

The people at the smart oven booth were geniuses—they gave out freshly-baked cookies.

This sign is apparently necessary in Vegas, I’ve seen it in multiple hotels.

$8,000. It makes cocktails.

Have you considered there’s a reason you’re the first?

For the extremely impatient or those who have always dreamed of having a child made of Silly Putty.

1982 me would have found this deeply satisfying.

The key to CES is timing, because this Disney line overflows in the morning.

Holy crap.

It’s a TV set that gives you free Netflix while it mines cryptocurrency for the company that built it. In other words, save $9 on your media by spending $30 on electricity. Genius.

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