Back in TidBITS, and Jeff gets Boinged

The first part of my two-part article on how DRM technologies are destroying the world (slight exaggeration for dramatic effect) is up at, and I’ve been linked for the first time in BoingBoing.

In case you’re not convinced to click over just yet, here’s my editorial blurb: “While attending CES last January, roving correspondent Jeff Porten realizes just how broken technology has become in the name of protecting intellectual property, causing him to ponder the societal costs of such a dependence on technology that is designed to fail.”

2 thoughts on “Back in TidBITS, and Jeff gets Boinged

  1. Jeff – I read and enjoyed the article when I saw it on BoingBoing, but somehow I missed that you had written it. Very cool.

    (I’m late to reply, because my RSS reader decided to delete your feed when you made those changes at the end of March. I just found out now.)

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