One thought on “Hope you have no enemies in Florida

  1. The guy’s blogpost sounds like sour grapes to me – his department lost their bid, which means they aren’t the low-cost provider, which basically means they’re in danger of losing their jobs (or at least their responsibilities, since it’s almost impossible to lose a government job).

    As to the potential for malfeasance, sure – it’s possible. But why moreso with a private firm in Florida than with an IRS department? This guy is already publicizing internal department decisions on his blog. Do you trust him not to dig through Bill Gates’ tax returns?

    The government is not an IT shop. They outsource dozens of technology projects, many of which deal with sensitive data and all of which are covered by hefty NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements). If people violate their NDA’s, they’ve got trouble (no matter who they work for).

    You’ll note that the “low-cost provider” was in Florida, as opposed to Bangalore. Sending these kind of records offshore would likely have been cheaper, but at least they were smart enough not to do that…

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