Lunchtime notes, CFP day 1

Quote of the day, from a T-shirt sported here: “Every time Linux is booted, a penguin gets his wings.”

Opening speech this morning from Senator Leahy, from the great state that will not apologize for its cheese. Full text available here, shorter: “Security good. Privacy good. I’ll elide my role in passing legislation that eroded the latter and didn’t do much for the former. The Bush administration went too far. We need more hearings, discussion, and bipartisanship.” Before passing more laws eroding privacy (Jeff addendum).

More shortly from a panel discussing federal regulation.

3 thoughts on “Lunchtime notes, CFP day 1

  1. You really should see it. Seriously. At the very least, it’ll make for a heck of a blog entry.

    Anyway, after posting my first comment, I read Leahy’s speech. My thoughts are here.

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