About Jeff Porten

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I’m Jeff Porten, and I wear several hats.

Hat one, I’m an Internet/Macintosh/business development consultant, database and web developer, and all around Mac geek. I do consulting on all of the above, primarily for small- and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

Hat two, I’m a freelance writer, with most of my work centered around the above. You can find my byline in Macworld and TidBITS on a semiregular basis. I’ve written one book and am at work on a second, with a few unofficial novels which occasionally jump up and down, clamoring for my attention.

Hat three, I travel all of the time for conferences, clients, and writing gigs. I’m available as a public speaker on various topics which you can probably glean from the kinds of things I write about.

Hat four, I am usually involved in nonprofit and progressive activism. I am currently serving on the board of Student Pugwash USA.

Hat five, I play a hell of a lot of poker, and I appear to be reasonably good at it.