No argument: we need better safety nets in general for low wage earners, not just during crises.

Also the case that with a dragnet of thousands, easy to think a suicide attack is reasonable alternative.

  • Kee Hinckley:
    My first reaction was, “but it was a bombing”. But this is right, the shutdown actually slowed finding the suspec…

I think it’s questionable that it *did* slow it down, only that it *might* have. My thoughts here:

  • Kee Hinckley:
    it’s impossible to say. But at some point we have to say, what cost to freedom (and income) are willing to spend?

But seems to me there’s a big difference between “suspect with gun” and “suspect with explosives”. Not just damage, but perception.

  • Kee Hinckley:
    I agree. Bombs do give me pause. I’m not sure where to draw the line there.

Most of us are surprised he’s still alive, and I’m guessing he might be as well.

  • Kee Hinckley:
    A day at home to me meant nothing. I worked remote. To a minimum wage earner, that’s missed meals.

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