Minor software release: select any message in Mac Mail.app, run this to create a clickable link to paste in nearly any other app. (Might work in iOS as well, if someone wants to try it out with a synced document.)

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I’ve been posting tips from my book for a few weeks on Twitter, and somehow it never occurred to me to do that here as well. So here you go—short tips from the book, six times a day (every four hours or so). Take Control of Your Productivity

Learn a new web development and hosting platform, write and design a site, publish it to the web, redirect the domain there, all on the bus to the conference where I intend to promote it? Yes, I just did that.

Sometimes I do deserve the productivity guru persona. :-)


(You may see the old site for a while longer; the new one is all text.) SPUSA Org template

Holy crap. Last hand before WSOP final table was *insane* this year.

2018 World Series of Poker final table set with crazy ending | ESPN

The quid pro quo of common carrier status is that ISPs have blanket protection against liability for what they transmit. So if this is the argument, let’s be sure every ISP understands that such protection is permanently stripped from every byte they transmit. Trump’s Supreme Court pick: ISPs have 1st Amendment right to block websites

You have to be fucking kidding me. At least now we know what Trump and Kim discussed in private for 50 minutes, all that remains is what percentage is going to the Trump Org. Sheldon Adelson Wants To Open A North Korea Casino

A very smart friend of mine just released a book on all sorts of digital storage options, and how to pick the right ones for your needs. Check it out: Take Control of Your Digital Storage

There is one way to make our politics reflect democratic values again, and that’s with thirteen (or more) Justices on SCOTUS in 2021.

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So he’s moved on from people who acted traitorously and is now with people who actively took up arms against the government.

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Yes, by all means, the financial system is unfair and ruthlessly excludes the unbanked from key services necessary to function in society, so we must regulate the retailers rather than banks. As restaurants go cashless, a backlash is building. Will D.C. intervene?