This had enough coffee-spitting moments that I’ve bookmarked the series for later.

“PAW Patrol takes place in a (Canadian) town called Adventure Bay that apparently has no functional fire department, police department, or local contractors. So whenever someone has a problem, they have to go crawling to a volunteer squad of seven puppies. This is what libertarianism looks like, people.” Why Your Children’s Television Program Sucks: PAW Patrol

Tip for anyone who has never read the Kirby originals: stock up on acid for maximum enjoyment Ava DuVernay To Direct Jack Kirby Comic Creation ‘The New Gods’ For Warner Bros, DC

I’m sure this will please all small-government Republicans who want to cut spending. Philly ADAs Must Now Explain Cost of Prison Time in Court

Christian marriage activists claim this destroys the sanctity of all marriages where the bride wasn’t poisoned Bride temporarily blinded by bouquet of poisonous flowers gets wedding do-over

FDA unveils plan to make cigarettes five times more deadly, expensive, and profitable.

Sorry, I don’t buy the cited research that smokers won’t increase intake. That’s the exact opposite of real world experience (across the board, not mine) switching from smokes to e-cigs. My hypothesis: *tapering* nicotine over time would work. Suddenly crashing nicotine to 20%, to please the zealots, will be a bonanza for cigarette companies, more injurious, and additionally the most harmful (financially and otherwise) to the most addicted. FDA begins push to cut addictive nicotine in cigarettes

Scientists discover that 320,000 years ago, axe manufacturers were already making their stone models not work as well to force customers to buy the latest obsidian in Jet Black. Earliest Homo sapiens exhibited unexpected sophistication

Dear everyone who has shared this: the truly freakish thing is not that the DNA is different, but that relativistic effects mean that one twin is now YOUNGER.

Not sure how to calculate the total, but a GPS satellite needs constant readjustment or the accuracy drifts. Ballpark guess, the one in space experienced a few minutes less than the one at home, over a full year. But I could easily be wrong by orders of magnitude. NASA Twins Study Verifies Long-Term Health Effects of Space Travel

Oh, FFS. Subhead to save you all a click: “Dems pick up a House seat in Pennsylvania – but is Lamb the start of a winning strategy or the establishment sidelining the Trump Resistance?”

Could be neither, you twit. Could just be a blue wave. And yes, Democrats are excellent at forming circular firing squads, but stories like this one hand out the guns and ammo.

My opinion: win at any cost first, my personal ideological purity becoming dominant second. Others disagree. That’s all. We disagree, we’re not blood enemies. Why Democrats Should Worry About Conor Lamb’s Victory

This would concern me more if I weren’t convinced that Nancy’s astrologer was preferable and more qualified ‘Hollowed out’ White House: Trump is on a dangerous path toward no advisers