Worst story ideas ever, part 4

I have to read headline pitches. It’s boring. I mock the worst ones.

The current state of wood pulp in food

your diet is too high in fiber

Why Humans Feel Connected to Dolphins and Whales

we are increasingly overweight and incomprehensible

Fortnite Coach wanted to tell all

especially why your job exists

CEO’s looking to Public Speak (book)

cause good speak make big image, and exposure to illiterate writers is always good

What documents do you need for a business loan?

mostly green ones, approximately six by two inches

Will B2B Sales Ever Pass The Turing Test?

your question doesn’t

How Does Cooking Help Mental Health?

burns and cuts temporarily distract from existential despair

If your partner is a lot older or younger, please share how you make your relationship work

large estates to bequeath

Bathroom Habits That Can Add Years To Your Life

stop holding it for weeks at a time

What’s the single most effective way for organizations to track high-value assets?

call the A-Team, they can find anybody

Looking for cannabis entrepreneurs

check outside the 7-11, man

What have you done to get a deal?

flew to Helsinki and Singapore and met with monsters, but then I forgot to ask for anything in return

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