Worst story ideas ever, part 3

I have to read headline pitches. It’s boring. I mock the worst ones.

Is “summer penis” real? ISO doctors/urologist

no, mine vanishes from solstice to solstice

The Downside of Monogamy and the Upside of Adultery

not sure why you need experts to tell you this

Seeking Thought Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

wait, do you mean the human ones?

What’s the future for women entrepreneurs?

about half

Future customer experience trends: 2019

will continue to hate airlines and Comcast

Tempest fighter jet: Has data power replaced air power?

wtf no

Cat massage

there are two things this can mean and both are creepy

How do you give a tall daughter confidence?

point and laugh at short girls

Back to School Gift Guide (my blog has over 1 million page views per month)

Irrelevant Non Sequitur (I won 2nd place in a 1984 science fair)

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