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Get Message URL is free of charge to purchasers of Take Control of Your Productivity. If you use this software and have not purchased a copy, please do so.

Get Message URL creates a URL for any message you’ve selected in Mac Mail and puts it on the clipboard, which you can paste into any application with a text field. Most apps then let you click on the link; otherwise, you can select it, right-click on it, and choose Open URL from the contextual menu.

Use instructions on the Take Control blog.


1.0.1, July 16 2018: Initial release and minor documentation edits


This software is unsupported, but if you send email to takecontrol [at this website’s domain] with the subject line “Get Message URL:” followed by your subject, your email may be used to update and improve this app, if any such updates are released. (That’s the boilerplate; I can’t make any promises that there will improvements, fixes, or any other updates. That’s not say I won’t.)

This software is provided as-is and with no warranty. The user assumes all risk from the use of this software. It has been tested on macOS 10.13, and may not work properly on older or newer Mac operating systems. This software is © Jeff Porten 2018. All rights reserved. alt concepts inc., the publisher of the Take Control ebook series, has no involvement in nor responsibility for this software.

Get Message URL 1.0.1

6 thoughts on “Get Message URL

  1. Thanks so much for the freebie, so useful! “Take Control” mentioned above, I am enjoying that as well, so Thanks for that too. Thank you also to Bret for the podcast episode that brought it onto my radar.

  2. Hi Jeff – thanks for this. How is this different than the copy message url “script” that ( I think ) gets installed as part of MailSuite ( which you reference and I use ) ?

  3. Hi Joe, I currently work for Apple as a technical support person. I have noticed a few misleading or incorrect statements in one of your (wonderful!) books/guides.

  4. Hi Jeff – this is a very useful way to create a link to an email message. Do you know where I might find a similar Applecript to create a URL link to any file in the Mac filing system?


  5. I have one of those too—it might already be posted here somewhere, I can’t remember. If not, I’ll whip it into shape when I can.

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