Laughed out loud when I realized how this headline would sound to anyone who doesn’t know either name.

(And to those who do: he hasn’t, the premise of the story is ridiculous.) Has Brian Bendis Made Tim Drake a Virgin Again?

Friends in the UK, this just came to my attention. We’re not involved, so I don’t have more details than this.

Student/Young Pugwash UK is collaborating with British Pugwash to host a major, one-day conference exploring the prospects for arms control and disarmament over the coming years. London, 23 Feb

Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference – SYP UK Annual Conference. | Network for Peace

Deirdre O’Leary I’ll assume this is someone you know from the Deirdre O’conference. Apple names Deirdre O’Brien senior vice president of Retail and People

Holy *fuck*, this is Not The Onion. Unbelievable. I’m certain this is illegal (and will never be pursued by the FEC or whomever is in charge of that). Trump campaign: Send us $1 and we’ll scroll your name during State of the Union live stream

Story broken by the same guy who released the governor’s yearbook picture, so let’s call this what it is: a test to see how far Democrats can be pushed to eat their own. I suspect the answer is “much more than we should.” Justin Fairfax, second in line for governor of Virginia, faces sexual assault allegation

Well, now I know how Joel Avery will be spending his retirement. An 80,000-Piece, 9-Foot Diorama Of The Death Star Trench Run From Star Wars: A New Hope

Part of a new NatGeo series, including: Why the Earth Isn’t Flat Even Though It’s Not Curvy Where You Are; Why What Your Cousin Heard on Oprah Doesn’t Replace Modern Medicine; and Even If You’re Full After a Big Dinner, Plan to Eat Tomorrow. Why cold weather doesn’t mean climate change is fake

Anne Hathaway is my new favorite celebrity. Anne Hathaway tricked Ellen’s audience into a fake ‘citrus healing’ ritual before telling them never to put something in their mouths just because a celebrity tells them to

My last story from CES includes tech for diabetics and the blind, STEM education for girls, a mention of the Spanish Inquisition no one expected, and giant relaxing egg furniture.

CES 2019: Startup Gadgets at Eureka Park – TidBITS

Heads up, in theaters in September. Megan, let’s make this a tradition, every 34 years.

Fathom Events | Lawrence of Arabia

2nd-to-last story from CES, in which I tell you about a pen. That uses chocolate for ink. In 3D.

CES 2019: Somewhere Between Star Trek and Harry Potter – TidBITS

Dear every friend in or visiting Philly: let’s go let’s go let’s go! I may need to buy a membership. Marvel superheroes exhibit coming to Franklin Institute

I casted some pod defending the honor of CES. Some discussion of Comic-Cons occurred.

Episode 239: “All in on Dark Mode”

Easier than counting, Megan, and it’s at an MGM property

Casino Reporting Steady Profits From Slot Machine That Promises Players They Will Lose