The Black Dog

Facebook friend pointed me in the direction of this. I’d say this covers quite a lot of it, but I’ve never liked the dog metaphor—a dog is friendly. It’s more like the Black Yog-Soggoth or the Black Impenetrable Space Alien.

“Fuck the monuments, save the humans.”

A modest proposal by Hamilton Nolan.

Here is just a short sampling of government services that have been shut down for the past two weeks due to the electoral squabbles of a small minority of lawmakers: services catering to blind people; the investigation of industrial chemical spills; most of the Consumer Product Safety Commission; assistance to Americorps staffers; research by the NOAA; fisheries enforcement patrols; most Environmental Protection Agency functions; campaign finance law enforcement; labor law enforcement; all of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness; WIC funding for poor women and children; and much, much more.