Having trouble reconciling my desire to get money out of politics and my schadenfreude that Trump is broke. Will allow joy and cognitive dissonance to reign for at least 24 hours.

The Real News Is Trump is Broke

Reports about how woefully mismanaged the Trump campaign is take me to my happy place. The Coming Air War Against Donald Trump

What Dave said. Interestingly, I just went to shut Facebook locations off on my new Nexus 5X, and found that *all* of its permissions were off. Wondering if that’s a stock Android thing? Dave

Public service reminder: Donald Trump ran for president in order to make money. Doesn’t matter at what point he started “trying to win” or “believing he should win” or even “had a shot at winning”, it’s all about him getting his taste.

The amusing thing is that the vast machinery gearing up to put billions of dollars in the pot think that’s changed.

The Lie of Trump’s ‘Self-Funding’ Campaign

Just catching up with NPR’s Monday interview with Hillary Clinton, in which she discusses a laundry list of curtailments of civil liberties. Especially charming is “discussing with Silicon Valley” how to curtail self-radicalization, which would be another way of saying, “ensuring that all public and private communications are monitored,” because I can’t conceive of any other way of doing that. I’m not sure which is more disturbing: the possibility that she hasn’t given this much thought, or that she has and she believes that technology is magic.

In Wake Of Orlando Shooting, Clinton Suggests Broader Terror Watch Lists

Attention Michael Weinmayr:

http://ift.tt/1U7tyW5 A deluxe 15-album “Weird Al” box set is coming next year

Alright, call me surprised. I realize Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania, but somehow I assumed there would be bans in place here. I bought an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in Philly in 7 minutes

There have already been calls for a major Democratic leadership shakeup, but this seals the deal. Hackers had access for a *year*, and reading between the lines, had fairly complete access. Heads should roll. Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump

Alright, science friends, please tell me if this is—as I suspect—a load of crap. I would expect *slight* heat dissipation from spreading it over more metal with more surface area, but nowhere near anything that would be noticeable. I fucking love science

“Jesus, how they yelled and clapped in approval when Trump said, “We’re going to rebuild our inner cities, which are absolutely a shame and so sad. We’re going to take care of our African-American people that have been mistreated for so long.” Forget the phrase “our African America people,” as if he’s sharing them with us. Who the fuck says these things in a country club with a $200,000 membership fee? And how is that not mentioned in every fucking report about the event?”

http://ift.tt/1tipAUe The Rude Pundit: I Went to Trump Golf Club to Watch Trump Last Night and Today I Don’t Feel Good…

Interesting. Philly proposes a soda tax, which I support because sugared sodas are a crime against humanity. But what passed today includes *diet* sodas, which are not a public health issue and which will impact my wallet.

So I guess the lesson is, next time I should believe the corporate lobbyists and their faux grassroots campaign?

Philly Soda Tax Gets Thumbs-Up From Council

Interesting story on how we’re using gendered perspectives to evaluate Hillary Clinton. I consider myself a feminist, and this gave me food for thought.

It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician


“In pre-Corn Flakes America, breakfast wasn’t cold or sweet. It was hot, hearty and lardy, and it had about 4,000 calories.”

http://ift.tt/1RW3mv0 Virtually everything America has told us about breakfast is a corporate myth

Of course, the difference in Philly is that parents frequently throw their children at animals, if they happen to be the nearest small, heavy object. Phillie Phanatic Tragically Killed After Child Falls Into Its Enclosure

Attention neo-Nazis: while *I’m* Jewish, somewhere around 90% of people with the surname “Porten” are Scandinavian and damn near your Aryan ideal. I look forward to the sound of your head exploding.

And if that doesn’t do it, just consider how easy it would be for *us* to use this as an organizing tool and more effectively subvert your lives from within. Thanks for pointing out other members of my tribe, it’s a big help. Southern Poverty Law Center