About This Site

For the moment, I’m deliberately amusing myself by using cleverly obscure nomenclature for everything on the site, so this is the guided tour.

All of my new posts appear in the left column on the home page. Everything is broken up into the categories below. Note: if you’re here for one particular kind of post, such as my longer posts or Mac geekery, any of these can be bookmarked or subscribed to in RSS from the Novus Ordo Seclorum category menu, over there on the right.

Conspiracy Theories: these are my essay-length posts on various topics. Well, not necessarily essays. More the “things I thought about for five minutes before I actually wrote it.” In my opinion, some of my best writing has appeared here.

Illuminatus: Shorter posts, frequently links to anything interesting I come across. Or if I impress myself with a particularly amusing tweet, I might repeat it here for posterity.

Mac Guru: Apple-specific commentary, and occasional documentation of massively complicated AppleScript Rube Goldberg machines.

Papyri Extranei: writing I do for outside publications, where actual editors may review my words before they are inflicted on the general public.

Software: General release software, sometimes in conjunction with an outside article, sometimes standalone.

What you’ll see in the sidebars:

Recent Conspiracies: the last posts in Conspiracy Theories, which tend to get pushed off the front page by the Illuminatus link posts.

Furtive Whispers: my Twitter feed. Follow or tweet me @jeffporten.

Vast Jeff (data)Bank: Sitewide search. (Jeff Bank: playing on the Jeff/Left pun in the title of the site. Yeah, probably the most obscure joke I’ve ever made.)

Novus Ordo Seclorum: Category list for the site.

CIA Wiretap: Most recent comments on the site.

Necronomicon: Site archives.

Deep Cover Contacts: A select blogroll of friends and professional colleagues.

Tinfoil Fedoras: Websites I read regularly.

White Noise: Podcasts I’m subscribed to.