An ode to Richard

(Dedicated to and inspired by Dennis O’Leary)

Alas, poor Richard the Third,
Despite all his loins having gird,
Took his rest like a sot
In a mundane parking lot
Where both he and the cars hate the birds.

And now we’ve discovered his bones
With Tarmac and asphalt his stone.
“Gadzooks,” said the king,
“What a terrible thing.
This lot’s a long fall from my throne.”

“And to think, I’m still known to this day.
In so many movies I’m played
But it’s Robin whose arms
Hold Maid Marian’s charms…
I’ll ask if he’s willing to trade.”

Update: I am belatedly wondering if I have confused Richard I with Richard III. To which I will assert that as an American, this kind of confusion falls under artistic license. Iceberg, Goldberg, all the same to me.

One thought on “An ode to Richard

  1. Hi Jeff, Well spoken! Megan forwarded your URL to me. But I don’t see what it has to do woth Richard Goldberg’s having been found under an iceberg.

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