Um. Okay. So I guess from now on, we should treat police with all the respect we would give any bureaucrat with a gun? U.S. judge says law enforcement officers had no legal duty to protect Parkland students during mass shooting

Review of La Traviata (everything but, uh, the music and performances).

Met Opera: La Traviata (Fathom Events) review | The Vast Jeff Wing Conspiracy

Met Opera: La Traviata (Fathom Events) review

Saw the Met Opera’s La Traviata tonight at Mazza Gallerie in DC. They do a series through Fathom Events, a live Saturday performance broadcast to theaters, with an encore the following week. You see it on those two days or not at all. Saturday performance in Philly was sold out when I decided to go the day before; Wednesday night showing was in a 3/4s full theater. (Of the kind of people who laughed at whatever the director said when he responded to a question in French.)

Can’t comment on the performance, totally unqualified, so let’s just assume among the best you can see. Unsurprisingly, a bit less affecting than some live operas I’ve seen, but better than the one or two where I could tell I was seeing meh performances. (I got teary, but I also cried during Spider-Man last week, so take with a grain of salt.) A nice treat to have camera angles to actually see what the hell is happening, as the seats I’ve been able to afford generally means that performers through opera glasses are still the size of Lego figures.

Also: subtitles! I actually knew what the hell was going on. Which made me realize that the story is about very silly people doing incomprehensible things with the sort of melodrama that would make telenovela characters say, “Chica, you’re laying it on a bit thick.” But, you know, opera.

Recommended for casual fans who surprise themselves by going <raises hand>, and for folks who have never seen one and want to find out if they’re missing anything. Also perhaps a gateway drug for advanced kids this way. The subtitles make it much more approachable, and the ticket price ($28 where I was) likewise.

Going forward, I’m not sure if I’m interested in seeing the operas I’ve never heard of, but I’ll definitely try to go to the canon performances: the rest of this season includes Carmen and Die Valkure (aka the Apocalypse Now theme song). I might actually be able to say something useful about Carmen; I’ve seen it before. Full listing here, including some other snooty arts like ballet (which I might give a try).

Great, now Beth Takahashi can be a remorseless assassin in virtual reality, too. (Still nursing brutal ass-handings I received in 1993.)

Review | ‘Tetris’ becomes even more addictive in ‘Tetris Effect’

I’ve been arguing this for the last two years, that what’s cited here is part of a 200 year old trend, and there is simply no way in hell we’re going to reverse it. Every time I say this, I’m inundated with “why do you hate America, you heartless elitist.”

This is very simple. Rural America needs the same safety net that the rest of us do: universal healthcare, the kind of protections formerly created by unions, and eventually a UBI. That provides the baseline that allows those who wish to stay rural to survive, and maybe figure out ways to thrive.

What we *can’t* do is carve out rural America as some kind of special case that deserves more time, attention, and support than the rest of us. For one, they don’t. For another, it’s simply lower ROI than investing in cities. But by all means, let’s start treating everyone with some goddamn dignity. The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy

“We’re not going to be satisfied until we’ve killed all of you.” Federal judge in Texas rules entire Obama health-care law is unconstitutional

Uh… okay, this would be news if a credible source corroborates it. Not the first time this week I’ve heard someone say Trump is a current drug user. Kathy Griffin on Twitter

Pretty much the only thing Trump has been consistently successful at in his lifetime is fucking with Chris Christie. Jennifer Jacobs on Twitter

My lifelong dream of becoming agoraphobic is proceeding nicely.

(Also: the COO of Starbucks is Roz Brewer? Is Mr. Bean the CFO?) Starbucks to add delivery, change its cafe cleaning schedule