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“Skeptical employee union leaders promptly accused the White House of gutting programs to turn federal jobs over to the private sector.” Oh, that’s so 2002. I mean, yes, they’ll do that too, but only as an aside while they tackle their real goals of gutting social services and regulations Trump donors don’t like. White House proposes federal government overhaul, including a consolidation of safety-net programs

One legal aid organization, the Texas Civil Rights Project, is representing more than 300 parents and has been able to track down only two children. “Either the government wasn’t thinking at all about how they were going to put these families back together, or they decided they just didn’t care.”
?Further complicating matters are bureaucratic errors that could leave government officials unaware that a child’s parent is detained in the United States. Attorneys also worry that some toddlers, or children who speak indigenous languages, might not have been able to give officials their parents’ complete names.?Because of such complications, attorneys and former U.S. officials have begun speaking about the possibility of “permanent separations.”
?In the case of one Guatemalan family, the Border Patrol failed to note in its apprehension report that a mother and daughter crossed the border together, according to Wesevich. Without that information, government officials might not be aware that the child’s parent is detained in the United States. The chaotic effort to reunite immigrant parents with their separated kids

My book is published! And for anyone who associates me with “well organized and productive” the way you might for “home and beauty tips,” well… yeah. 25 years of trial and error made me good, and what not to do.

$15 at the link, any friend who buys one, I’ll buy you a beer with my cut. Tell a few friends, and I’ll buy you a *good* beer. 42 page excerpt (out of 168) at the link. (And seriously, I greatly appreciate word of mouth.)

Take Control of Your Productivity

Now that I know she lives on 400 acres and has drones, I assume this video was taken by Suzanne Jackowski.
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Dammit, I should have thought of this years ago. Of course a kid who’s trained to eat now because it might not be here later is going to eat the damn marshmallow. Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test

Not only that, he either didn’t correct himself in the time it took to order the stamp, or someone is mass producing them and selling them. LIZ in CLE on Twitter

Do you want to know more about what an Apple TV will do later this year? Of course you do! It’s just like the other 3,000 stories about Apple since yesterday, but with more* humorous asides.

*Quantity, not quality

tvOS 12 Goes to 11 with Dolby Atmos – TidBITS

Attention anyone who argued with me when I said that Trump lowers the value of our Penn degrees Norman Ornstein on Twitter