How people find me, May version

My top ten fave search phrases that landed people here, month of May:

  1. computer monitoring all telephone calls conspiracy (1/1,500,000!)
  2. morality of bombing civilians (1/1,222,000!)
  3. (1/8)
  4. ubergeek mac (3/63,400 — man, do I want to pull number one on this search)
  5. CFP2006 (3/890! — the first link that’s not actually the CFP website)
  6. leahy wiretapping site (3/6 — Brian still kicks my ass)
  7. hershey conspiracy accident (5/42,700)
  8. monitor glasses borg (10/56,900)
  9. cute Jewish guy (15/2,560,000 — how the hell did I do that?)
  10. sleep is for the weak (18/16,100,000)
  11. bryan greenberg icons (26,258,000 — Brian, apparently you’re now a Russian demigod)

I’m starting to realize that by naming my blog “Conspiracy” I’m probably getting an even greater share of nutbar eyeballs than my politics would predict. Incidentally, the real Hershey conspiracy accident appears to be a speech by Helen Caldicott, founder of an organization I speak highly of.

“Jeff is an idiot” tracker: now 7 out 6,110,000. It appears that what’s put my rating back up in the top ten are these posts talking about my Google ranking. Bizarre. Perhaps asking Google to rank your own idiocy is a sign of greater idiocy?

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